Robin L. Berry

 Robin L. Berry

Robin L. Berry has been active as an arbitrator since 1983 and as a mediator/facilitator 1992 - 1997. Her first introduction to alternative dispute resolution, came in 1983 when as a regulatory compliance officer for Bank of America she was appointed to serve as an arbitrator for the Pacific Stock Exchange. In her role as a compliance officer, Ms. Berry had seen how burdensome and litigation could become and was impressed with the less formal and more "civilized" process of arbitration. Ms. Berry has served as an arbitrator in over 200 arbitration hearings, in a number of different forums, covering disputes in the areas of securities, commodities, banking, employment, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, American Disabilities Act, and age discrimination. Currently she serves as an arbitrator on the panels for 2 major forums- American Arbitration Association and FINRA.

Recognizing that there are situations where the parties could reach an agreement which would be more satisfactory and which could contain resolutions which the courts or arbitration could not provide, Ms. Berry sought mediation training. Ms. Berry worked as a mediator, case developer, mediation program administrator, and mediation trainer and lecturer . In 1993-4, she developed a specialized program to train mediators with an emphasis on homeowners associations and to provide professional and neutral services. Ms. Berry is comfortable working as a facilitative mediator or using more directive approaches. Currently she is not taking mediation cases. She also trained as a facilitator and served in a number of facilitations for local organizations. Currently she is not taking any facilitation cases.

In 1991, Ms. Berry formed a management and regulatory consulting firm in response to the growing need in all types of financial institutions for more effective in-house regulatory compliance and risk management programs. Previously, she had been involved in the field of regulatory and operational compliance for 11 years with Bank of America. She has been a speaker, workshop leader, and author for financial services trade organizations. When she left Bank of America, she was a Vice President in the World Banking Division.

Robin L. Berry is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley and has her Masters in International Affairs, specializing in International Law, from Columbia University.





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